About Us as a Duo

Ever heard of a “meet-cute”? Essentially it’s when two soles find each other in a non-typical or cute way. This term is usually used to describe the way you met your significant other, but it’s also how we like to describe the way we met. We are far from ordinary and everything we do has our own little spin on it so naturally the way we became best friends has a very special story. Most college freshman have a very uneventful, not exactly noteworthy first meeting, but we have a very funny story…

It was our first semester, a couple weeks into school, and things were going rather normally. We both had a few “friends” that we would do stuff with, but neither of us had found our bestie for the restie. We lived in the same build and had three classes together so we sort of knew who the other was, but no where near a personal level. And then it happened…

I (Monica) was having the absolute worst day. I had just finished my first class of the day and I had fifteen minutes before my next class (both of which were with Kristina). I decided that I HAD to get a cup of coffee from the little market a couple buildings over. I was sort of in a hurry to get back to class so I could get a good seat. I came in to the classroom, sat my coffee down on the table next to Kristina and was about to sit down, but..

When she leaned down to pull her chair in, the lanyard around her neck swung towards the cup, missed, swung back and knocked the coffee ALL over the table and me (Kristina). Everyone in the classroom was just looking at her; my motherly instincts very quickly kicked in. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get paper towels with her and cleaned up the whole mess. The rest is history, and we have been practically inseparable ever since.

We live together now and spend even more time together than we used to. Starting this blog was sort of a no brainer to us. We both love Jesus, we both love writing, and we both love each other. We started this to share what we know about Jesus and what we’ve seen him do. We know what it’s like being women of God in a world full of people who will constantly pull you away from who you are meant to be. We want to share our successes and our failures. And maybe even give you a few tips and tricks on how to make things a little easier. We want you to know you are loved and you are His beloved.

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