Thank You Sophomore Year

What a year it has been.
I personally cannot believe this school year is over. Saturday I moved out of my apartment on campus and made the trek back home for the summer. I can’t believe how much has changed and how much hasn’t since the beginning of this year. To start, my faith has changed so much since the beginning of this school year. Fall semester, I started leading a Bible study, I went to lead a small group for a weekend camp, and I worked on my prayer life, and spiritually there was a change. It wasn’t easy, I was fighting a losing battle against things I could not control and I’m still fighting. This past semester, I continued leading a Bible study, lead devotions at my sororities weekly chapter, went on a mission trip and I worked on starting this blog, I don’t feel as though this semester I felt any change the way I did in the fall. This semester I struggled less with what I fought with over fall semester, but instead picked up another losing battle, the fight against time.

If you know anything about the fight against time you know you always lose. Which is something I’m not good at. Time always seems to slip right through my fingers. One minute I have all semester to spend time with my roommates or get my life together or figure out how to study for that one class that never ceases to kick my butt, and the next minute, I’m moved out of my apartment sitting at work wondering where in the world my time has gone. There’s so many things I wanted to do, but never got done. At the same time, there are so many things I never knew I wanted until they came to me as a blessing. I could not possibly put everything I accomplished and didn’t accomplish this year in one little writing, if I did, it would be a book. As I look back at this semester and this year as a whole all I can say is thank you.

Thank you Jesus for everything I have and everything I will be. Thank you to the people who inspire me to keep going. Thank you to my friends who stand beside me every day and who never cease to amaze me. Thank you to my family whithout them I definitely would not be here. Thank you to my mom who lets me call her at 2 am when I think my life is falling apart. Thank you to my dad who sends me money when I call him at 2 in the afternoon with no money and a cart full of groceries. Thank you to my brother who never answers when I call, I still know he loves me. Thank you to my roommate who put up with my mess. Thank you to my best friend-best friend who stays up with me when I have to study, never lets me go hungry, supports me through everything I do, helps me strengthen my relationship with Jesus, lets me rant about anything, gives me advice when I need it, and who agreed to do it with me when I said lets start a blog, a great big thanks to you. 

Thank you to this year for teaching me to be strong and that sometimes it is ok to be weak. Thank you to this year for throwing me down on my knees so I had to look up. Thank you to this year for showing me how important it is to be vulnerable and faithful. Thank you to this year for showing me friendship and how important it is. Thank you to this year for applying the rule you reap what you sow. Thank you to this year for molding me. Thank you to this year for showing me how quickly things can change and to hold on to each moment for as long as possible. 

As time slips through my fingers I am reminded of how important it is to be thankful for everything. Every opportunity. Every new friend. Every wrong step. There is always a reason to be thankful. So thank you, sophomore year, for all of the lessons.


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